Thursday, November 5, 2009

Adfarm Pinto Beans Harvested

Above:  Farmer Fred has the combine parked by the lone tree next to the approach to the Adfarm Farm.
Above:  We will be using a flex head on the combine to harvest the pinto beans. This is not an ideal method, but the late season has us rushing. Picketing and then combining would take too much time without enough benefit to risk losing the crop to bad weather. 
Above:  November is extremely late to be getting edible beans out of the field, but rain and snow have put us well behind normal harvest. When there is field work left to do in November, Farmer Fred must do all he can every day because it is the last chance this season.
Above:  With yield monitor and moisture testing built into the combine, Farmer Fred will soon have a first indication of what is in the field.

Above:  When he returns, he has found what appears to be an average crop can be harvested from this field. That has him smiling!
Above:  We had not planned to harvest the beans in this manner, which means dirt, rocks and debris can be more of a problem for the head than if the ground had been prepared for this method of harvest. Because the head lays very near the ground, it has picked up dirt that has to be removed by hand.
Above:  In the category of other debris, Farmer Fred found this cultivator shank in the field. If that had gone undetected it could have broken a cutting section on the combine or worse.
Above:  The pinto beans are dumped from the combine into the truck. When beans are ripe and cannot be harvested in a timely manner, they are at risk for staining, bleaching, and sprouting.
Above:  The beans are on their way to Sharon Bean Company and are about 17 percent moisture. 
Above:  The residue shows that we are leaving beans in the field. While not ideal, we are satisfied that this is the best alternative, given the harvest date. The beans are a high protein food source for deer and other wildlife in the area. They will be cleaning up this field as they endure the GriggsDakota winter.

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