Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Waiting and the Wonder

Above:  The combines are stopped, yet the day is sunny. What is happening in GriggsDakota? 
Above:  In the mornings we have hoarfrost or a crystalized dew covering every surface in GriggsDakota.
Above:  As the sun comes up and the temperatures climb above freezing, the frost turns to water.
Above:  The water soaks slowly through the husks of the soybeans and the result is that they are higher in moisture each day.
Above:  There are lots of pinto beans in the Adfarm field waiting for the day of harvest.
Above:  They too have the beautiful hoarfrost.
Above:  Pinto beans are vulnerable to staining and bleaching when left in the field after they are ripe. The husks do protect them, but only to a point. We need sunshine and a wind in order to complete our harvest. We have had some sunshine this week, but no wind to dry the fields.
Above:  The dried out milkweed plant is beautifully frosted in white and waiting for the wind to blow its seeds away.
Above:  The deck rail appears to be covered in white velvet. 
Above:  There is frost on the barbed wire fences.
Above:  The water is a mirror.
Above: Once the crunch of the frosty morning melts, the grass remains wet all day near the saturated ground.
Above:  The frost paints beauty everywhere.
Above:  But in GriggsDakota we're waiting to resume harvest and wondering when that will be.

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