Friday, October 16, 2009

"Soybeans in the Snow"-Our New Country Song?

Above:  GriggsDakota has snow and the soybeans are not too happy about it. They have been singing a sad song all week!
Above:  The forecast was for a dusting which didn't seem to be a very big deal. The result has been several inches of snow.
Above:  Because some snow melts during the days, the fields are a muddy mess under the pristine layer of white.
Above:  This morning the soybeans were covered in a coating of ice with a decorative touch of fresh snow that was falling as I photographed.
Above:  Always optimistic, Farmer Fred believes it is still probable that we will harvest the soybeans and other crops remaining in the fields during the coming weeks. We need sunshine and a drying breeze to blow into GriggsDakota.

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