Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Ideas In GriggsDakota

Above:  There was something new on the horizon of GriggsDakota this week which added excitement to our fall winter wheat seeding.
Above:  As the beautiful blue tractor (compliments of Uglem-Ness in Northwood, North Dakota) passes by, we get our first view of the Amity Technology new Twin Disk Air Drill.
Above:  This is a new product from Amity Technology, an Adfarm client. We were honored with the opportunity to demonstrate this drill in GriggsDakota. 
Above:  We seeded winter wheat into barley stubble with as little disturbance of the ground cover as possible. Seed bed for the wheat is very important and the barley straw on the surface will be responsible to catch snow through the winter.
Above:  Other people from the area gathered to get a look at this machine and see it perform. Some rode in the field near the machine and some are standing midfield watching it pass back and forth.
Above:  Farmer Fred is in the cab with an experienced operator to learn how to get the best out of the drill's capabilities.
Above:  Up, down and deep into the corners of the field, seeding requires close attention to the monitors in the cab of the tractor.
Above:  After the drill has passed by, the ground surface is completely in tact except for the cuts in the ground where the seed was imbedded. That is the best way to plant in this windy dry climate. It conserves moisture and protects the surface to keep the topsoil in place.
Above:  Even with the minimum cutting into the ground, Fred is raising a little dust which is coming off the stubble as he passes.
Above:  I can't judge how this outfit is working, but let me assure you, it LOOKS fabulous on this fall afternoon.
Above:  The true test of any drill is the ability to place a seed and its fertilizer in the position that is most beneficial to the sprouting plant. The buzz tells us that this new machine has a very good system. We will be watching this field closely in the coming weeks. It is always fun to try out a new product in GriggsDakota.

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