Monday, October 19, 2009

Combining Soybeans

Above:  Harvest has resumed in GriggsDakota. Farmer Fred took the combine out to start on the soybeans this afternoon. The sun is valiantly trying to shine and there is a breeze which we need to dry down the fields. 
Above:  The head of the combine cuts the standing plant very close to ground level. The ground will be muddy in some spots, but here the combine stays on top pretty well.
Above:  We were concerned that the plants would be too wet to combine. If the straw is wet it can wrap as the combine rolls the plants through its workings, but these were going through and appear dry enough to combine, as you can see below. However at seventeen percent moisture, we will be putting the soybeans into an air bin to reduce the moisture in the beans to fourteen percent for safe storage.
Above:  When soybeans are snow covered, there is concern that the plants could lay down or lodge, especially if they are not fully mature. These soybean plants stood through the snow and wind very well. 
Above:  After Farmer Fred, visible getting out of his cab, makes a few adjustments, he will resume combining and continue as long as he is able to go. The weather forecast is for clouds with rain showers through the week. 

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