Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Combining Again

Above: The wind blew through the night last night, drying down the soybeans. Rain is forecast to return tonight so we are cruising and storing the soybeans in an air bin.
Above: As mud and debris stick to the tires, we need to be inspired.
Above: Time is short, the wind is bringing rain.
Above: The low spots are filled with water and very soggy on the edges. Farmer Fred proceeds with caution.
Above: We've posted inspiration on the auger.
Above: And on the air bin where we are storing the soybeans.
Above: Old Red needed inspiration as he thought the soybeans may be too heavy for his old engine and hoist.
Above: Our Friends in the Field work near by.
Above: We all do our part to produce food for a hungry world.
Thank you Winston Churchill for the inspiring reminder.

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