Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wheat Harvest Complete

Above: The combine is coming from the south to the last field of wheat to be harvested this season in GriggsDakota. Notice in the background on the right side, Jim is combining low spots on another field of wheat.
Above: The combine drives around the corner and up the hill to the approach that leads into the field. Don't worry about that vehicle speeding behind the combine. Here in GriggsDakota, we recognize it and know it will turn off before it gets to the combine.
Above: Some of our wheat is stored in the grain bins in the background and you can see the auger is set up and waiting.
Above: The wheat that remains in this field is in a low spot and had to be swathed in order for it to dry down.
Above: The swaths have been down for a few days of windy sunshine. That has allowed the plants to dry out. Click here to recall when we seeded these low spots. These were the last areas seeded, and now they are the last to be harvested!
Above: Seeding low spots in the spring is a chance decision. This year, with dry conditions, it has paid off. We have a good yield and it is worth harvesting.
Above: In a wet summer it may have been another story with soggy ground and low yield.
Above: Farmer Fred is smiling as he is happy to finish the summer crop harvest. The September weather has been perfect for this late wheat harvest, with sunshine, wind and summertime temperatures.
Above: We have other work to keep us busy until the pinto beans, soybeans, and corn are ready for harvest. That will start in a week to ten days.

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