Friday, September 11, 2009

Wheat Harvest Begins in GriggsDakota

Above: The wheat is ripe and dry enough to combine.
Above: We have changed the heads on the combines. This head will cut and combine the wheat. We call it a straight head. The grain will not need to be swathed. Winter wheat has very tough straw and husks. We have had some rain and there may be some breakdown in the grain from that. It can lose test weight and shell or lose the wheat kernal from the husk. However, the straw will stand through the weather. That is why we can combine it "straight," without letting it cure in a swath.
Above: Many people in the area have been combining their wheat while we were combining barley. We raise mostly winter wheat which has good straw strength and stand ability.
Above: Grandpa finishes his day and Justin takes his combine for the evening shift.
Above: Farmer Fred is waving as the sickle cuts the wheat and it is fed into the combine.
Above: The chaff and chopped straw come out the back and the wheat goes up to the hopper. Though dirty, the chaff is just not as itchy as barley chaff.
Above: We will be working on wheat for several more days. The forecast for next week is for above normal temperatures in the seventies and sunshine. Let's hope that the weatherman in right!

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