Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Wall of Fall

When you step into September, you will find fall in GriggsDakota.
Stubble on the fields means harvest is done. We're still combining wheat. The spring wheat is looking better than the winter wheat and we're hoping to finish up in the next few days.
The weather has been beautiful with highs in the seventies and eighties. Sheyenne enjoys these last few days of summer.
Despite the warm temperatures, the trees know that the days are getting shorter and the season will change.
We've had a few grasshoppers this year. As soon as I snapped his photo, he jumped onto my shirt to investigate.
The fragrant prairie rose has matured into hips providing color in the fading palette of ground cover.
Are we fenced in or out? The pasture is next to CRP.
Ash trees turn golden first and are easy to spot.
Is this peace like a river? I think of rivers as flooded and raging, but not here in September.
The color of the sky is a beautiful contrast to the ripened grassland.
The purple coneflower has now provided a brown seed cone in the grass. There are plums on the tree in the background.

When the trees see their reflection in the water do they shiver, knowing what is to follow their burst of color?

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