Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Friends with Trucks

The barley harvest is going great with sunshine, a south wind, and warm temperatures.
You may have noticed that much of our harvesting equipment is old enough to vote and some is racing toward retirement. However, this barley crop has everything working. Not working perfectly, but at least standing by.
Old Red Truck is cowering on the edge of the field afraid that he will be loaded up and forced to groan down the road. He had his junk pile retirement all planned. Last winter we rebuilt his engine and now this 1974 Dodge will not be retiring for quite a while.
Suddenly I turn to see a truck pull off the highway. Trevor, our neighbor, is a professional trucker who arranges to haul for us on our busiest harvest days.
There is the faint sound of cavalry bugles as the truck races down the road.
He pulls onto the field just in time.
Old Red begins to cheer as Robbie passes him by with the grain cart ready to fill the semi.
Suddenly, I hear cheering from another corner of the field.
Bugles sound again as Jon, another trucker who lives near GriggsDakota, pulls onto the northwest corner of the barley field!
Robbie has soon filled Jon's truck and he moves out with a load.

When barley harvest is rolling, friends with trucks are a great benefit.

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  1. This might be my favorite post ever! The old red truck was my first ever the field away from anything I could hit.