Friday, September 4, 2009

Farmer Fred is Smiling!

Above:  The weather this week has been perfect for the work we are doing. We have been able to start the combines by noon and keep going far into darkness. Every farmer loves harvest and this week has been all that Farmer Fred could have hoped for. The barley is dry and running well.
Above: The combine head lays on the ground and rolls on the side wheels as Farmer Fred follows the swath around the field.
Above:  The sharp teeth attached to the rotating belt pull the grain into the combine.
Above:  The grain must be pulled onto the belt head first to assure that the swath is completely picked up and processed by the combine.
Above:  Robbie manages the grain cart and unloads the combines on the go. It takes practice to do get the grain into the cart rather than on the ground while driving down the field. Robbie and the combine driver accomplish this skillfully.
Above:  Combining continues. The straw is chopped and spread on the field leaving a dusty, itchy trail behind the machines.
Above:  The chopped barley straw will decompose adding organic matter back into the soil.

Above:  It looks like Farmer Fred is taking the combine on a shortcut to the nearby town, but he is following a swath that will bring him back around.

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