Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall Sunrise: At the End of the Road

It is fascinating to watch the sun rise on any day it shines at GriggsDakota.
But never more so than the first day of Fall when it rises at the end of the road.
It seems to be warning us that the season of growth is coming to an end.
The beauty brings an urgency and the cold morning a reminder.
Do not waste this day, I will warm the earth a few more times, there is more to do!
Butler wishes my camera was a gun and waits to see if there will be action in the distance.
No varmint to chase. What is the point of this? He turns in hopes of a pat and kind words.
Trucks haul on the highway that intersects our favorite gravel road.
The air is still and I can hear the truck engines shift down as they slow for the nearby town and then again as they shift up with increasing speed for their over the road haul.
To market, to market, a reminder it's fall.

A gentle haze settles in above the heavy dew on this cool morning.
Blackbirds have gathered into large flocks and black clouds fill the sky as they fly from field to field finding food.
Many birds will fly away from this area in the next month. Others will stay to scavenge food all winter.

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