Thursday, September 10, 2009

Combining Canola

Above: Jim is combining our last piece of canola with our pull-type combine.
Above: The crop has been curing in the swath for weeks and is ready to go.
Above: The stubble in the foreground is the same bleached color as the pods holding the canola seeds. Each pod is about two inches long.
Above: The pods look like doll sized beans. They are dry and pop open easily to release their seeds.
Above: It is hard to believe that these tiny seeds yield the healthy canola oil.
Above: In the truck box the canola contrasts with the stray pieces of chaff.
Above: The semi is parked at the edge of the field. When the truck is full, it goes to the elevator.
Above: Remember the wild looking green canola that we swathed? It looks surprisingly similar to other crops when it is ready to combine.

Above: Rain is in our forecast again, so Jim will try to finish this tonight.
Above: For all who know and love my 84 year old dad, here he is on top of the combine fixing something. A few minutes later he drove out and started combining canola. His cheerful enthusiasm keeps us smiling.

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