Saturday, September 5, 2009

Barley Harvest Complete!

Above:  Today we finished combining barley. Hunter came to spend the weekend and is in the cab with his Great-Grandpa getting combine driving lessons. Notice the very full hopper as they draw near the end of their swath.
Above:  Bill pulls up to unload the combine hopper into the grain cart.
I wanted to give you a sense of the vastness of the GriggsDakota prairie. The land and the sky are impressive elements here.
In 2009 we had a good barley crop. We benefited from cool summer temperatures and were hurt by lack of rain. Our yield varied widely from field to field. Sandy ground was too dry to produce an average yield, but other land made up the difference.
It appears that most of our 2009 barley will be malting quality. Much of it was contracted and some of that has been delivered to the elevator. We have stored the rest on the farm. The contracted grain will be delivered as needed. 
The sky was different shades of blue in every direction. The white specks on the horizon are our trucks.
I drove up onto the adjacent road to try to capture the open simplicity of a stubble field. There is the smell of grain and earth on the wind. It makes us smile to see the combines finishing up the field.
We'll get the machines home, change the heads and concaves on the combines, sweep out the trucks, move the augers to other bins. Tomorrow we start wheat harvest.
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