Thursday, September 24, 2009

AdFarm Pinto Beans: The Finish Line?

Above:  The golden color in the leaves has deepened and there are signs of maturity in the pinto bean field.
Above:  I once again have pulled a plant to tell the story.
Above:  The top of the plant has stopped producing new blossoms as it puts all available energy into filling its pods.
Above:  The leaves are removed to get a good look at the plant production. There appears to be from five to seven beans per pod. A good sign!
Above:  Opening the pods reveals beans in various stages of striping. 
The center bean on this photo is the only one that appears fully mature in the pods I open.
Above:  The beans want to jump out of the pods once they are open. They remind me of the teenagers that once lived in GriggsDakota.  Those kids were always out the door before I was ready to let them leave. I scramble to get the beans gathered back into their pods. That is another story for a different blog.
Above:  The verdict is that this could be a good crop. There are lots of pods and they are filling well. However, it needs more time to mature.
Above:  The beans are not fully mature and a few of the pods are still green. We reluctantly agree with the crop scout that they need more time.
Above:  The weather forecast indicates that we will get the weather that this crop needs to fully mature.
Above:  Summertime temperatures in the seventies with sunshine and breezes are just what these beans need.
Above:   The green that is still in this field will gather the nutrients to ripen the beans as the leaves fade to the color of a ripened crop. We hope it will be ready by next week.

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