Thursday, September 3, 2009

AdFarm Pinto Beans: Coming on Strong

Above:  The Adfarm pinto beans have taken on a fall hue. The lushness of summer green is turning golden as September begins.
Above:  There are still blooms on most of the beans. However, the canopy is hiding the real crop.
Above:  I pulled up a plant at random from a row to give you a close up of what is happening. There are still a few very immature pods on this plant.

Above:  I stripped the leaves off to show the fruit on this plant. I think it is fairly typical for the portion of the field I examined. The crop is now looking above average.

Above:  I opened a few pods to see what we might expect.

Above:  These are big pods with lots of beans inside.
Above:  Just a reminder of what mature pinto beans look like. I took these from my kitchen and they have been washed and picked over to remove stones and debris, but with that exception, mature pinto beans look just like this off the combine. We need about two weeks without a frost to finish this crop.


  1. Thanks for working so hard Fred!

  2. They look great, Fred....keeping my fingers crossed for two more good weeks of cooperating weather.