Monday, August 10, 2009

Swathing - Harvest Begins

The forecast for sunshine and hot weather bring smiles to the farmers at GriggsDakota when it's time to harvest.
Above:  The golden sea of barley is ready to be swathed. We use this old self propelled swather for cutting the opening round of each field. 
Above:  Jim gets plenty of fresh air as he spends the day going from field to field doing just one round on each piece. The pull-type swathers will follow up and swath the barley. We're hoping to get this barley combined in a few days. 
Above:  The canola is also ripe and ready to be swathed. Jim and his swather have opened this field and Joe is swathing it below.
Above:  The canola is tall and tangled when ready to be cut. 
Above:  The swather is able to create order out of chaos. The swath folds in neatly and is locked down with the canola roller that is pulled behind the swather. We use this roller only on canola to keep the swaths from blowing. The canola will lay in this swath for a couple of weeks before it is ready to be combined.
Copyright Jane Huso Lukens 2009

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