Friday, August 7, 2009

From our Window: RAIN!!!

Big news in GriggsDakota: After weeks of dry weather rain fell on Friday!
Above: The rain begins.

Above: The sky is so dark, our yard light is on, and it is only 11:00 a.m. Thunder and lightening seem close by. Our electricity blinks off, but comes back.
Above: Did we forget to clean that gutter? We hadn't noticed through this dry summer.
Above: Maddock chooses to wait out the storm under the eves of the house.
Above: There is water in the dusty rain gauge. We received about three quarters of an inch of rain -- a welcome drink for thirsty fields. The weather forecast is damp and cool through Saturday.


  1. I think we need a new log in and author because there seems to be a GHOST blogger on this post. Kirsti is great job on your first entry Mama Jane! Welcomed rain. Hooray!

  2. Oh, the wonders of technology! Kirsti took the photos before she left and wrote content remotely for this entry.