Monday, August 31, 2009

Dumping Barley into an Air Bin

Above:  Farmer Fred arrives at the bin site with a load of barley.
Above:  He backs the truck up to the swing away auger as Robbie starts the tractor to power the auger.  The main auger is powered by the tractor's power take off, while the swing away runs on the tractor's hydraulics.
Above:  Note the hydraulic hoses connected to run the motors that allow the auger to take up the grain.
Above:  As the grain begins to fall through the grate, the chaff and dust hang in the air.
Above:  The truck box holds 750 bushels and the auger can unload it in less than ten minutes. 
Above:  The cloud of itchy dust becomes more visible as Robbie keeps an eye on things on the ground. This is Lacey barley which is not as itchy as other varieties, but still barley.
Above:  Farmer Fred has climbed to the top of the bin for close observation as the bin is nearly full. We don't want to overflow the bin and have grain on the ground.
Above:  The bin fills before the truck is empty. This is a headache that we love to have! A favorite quote from my dad "When grain is cheap, it's good to have lots of it." Farmers prefer to face their problems with a smile.

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