Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Bin Site

Above:  This time of year, the bin site is a busy place. Notice the auger is set up to fill the grain bin. The tractor below is hooked up to the auger.
Above:  This is the view from the back of the tractor where the auger is connected to the power take off. The auger has no power source of its own and relies on the tractor to provide energy to operate.

The short auger that runs at a right angle to the main line is called a swing away auger. It lifts the dumped grain up to the Sheyenne Westgo 13 inch auger.
Above:  Behind the bin we have the fan system used to dry grain in the bin. Often grain is harvested  at a higher moisture percentage than is acceptable for storage. The fan system is used to dry the grain while in the bin. 
Above:  The air intake is up off the ground and covered to be sure it takes in only air. This system is called natural air grain drying.
Above:  Before the end of the day this 10,000 bushel bin will be full of barley.
Above:  All the barley left on the farm is swathed and awaiting  the combines. We're hoping for sunshine this week.

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