Friday, August 21, 2009

Around the Yard in late August

The grass is greener and the pace of field work has slowed. Rain provided much needed moisture for our late season crops. The world seemed at peace on this cool damp morning.
Farm cats work for a living by hunting and keeping rodent populations down. I think he is hoping a bird will perch near by, but the birds are too wise.
It is beginning to feel like fall as the geese gather on the lake. Enlarge this photo for a peek at their party.
This rose, developed in Iowa by Griffith Buck, lives over the winter in the GriggsDakota garden with no added cover.
Hardy rose bushes and spirea seem to intensify their efforts as the days grow shorter.
With blooms so beautiful they would shine in a crystal vase, this musk thistle is a noxious weed that is more common every year in GriggsDakota. The colorful finches in the fields feast on their seeds, then carry and drop them in a new location.
An area crop sprayer uses our house as a landmark for the neighborhood. His biplane buzzes overhead disturbing the quiet and startling the geese. 

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