Wednesday, August 19, 2009

AdFarm Pinto Beans: Rain + Heat = Beans

Above:  We have a few mud puddles and Farm Dog is happy! 
Above:  Temperatures in the nineties along with rain have been fueling growth in the pinto beans.
Above:  The growth this week has been amazing!
Above:  The bean pods have matured dramatically and the plants are still forming blossoms and more pods.
Above:  The force of the rain has spattered mud on these beans near the ground. There is some lower leaf damage which is simply caused by the shade from the upper plant growth, no problem. We've experienced a cool down in temperatures and there is more rain forecast for tonight and tomorrow. After that we are hoping for a week of sunshine and heat. There is lots of barley and wheat waiting for harvest. 

Above:  These dogs are good neighbors, friendly, but not too interested in the other's agenda.

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