Thursday, July 2, 2009

Spraying Wheat

Above: Fred is spraying a wheat field with fungicide to prevent head scab.

Above: The tractor has extensions on the front wheels to line them up with the back tires and the sprayer's tires. Having all the tires travel a single line minimizes the tracks we leave in the fields.

Above: The sprayer's controls in the cab come with a GPS monitor that shows where the machine has sprayed on the field.

Above: A gauge on the front of the sprayer is visible from the tractor cab. It shows the pressure of the spray. Fred has to regulate his speed to ensure the pressure is not too high or low.

Above: The nozzles we use spray at a 45 degree angle both front and back to better penetrate the wheat head. The two other nozzles on the nozzle body are for other spray applications.

Above: We pull our Redball sprayer with our Case IH 8930 tractor.

Above: The video demonstrates how fast the tractor moves through the field. It is much faster than the speed we use for other tasks, like harvesting.

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