Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cultivating Pintos

Above: Fred is on AdFarm's Pinto Bean field, cultivating between the rows to remove weeds and create ridges.

Above: A back view of the 8-row cultivator. Note the rocks sitting on top of the cultivator on the left side. The operator places the rocks there when he finds them in the field. It is especially important to remove rocks from pinto bean fields because the seed pods are close to the ground and any remaining rocks can cause problems during harvest.

Above: A close up view of the rocks on the cultivator. They will be put into a rock pile at the end of the field.

Above: The delicate plants stay protected from the overturned dirt thanks to the rolling shields protecting each row.

Above: It is important for the operator to drive strait while row-crop cultivating. A misstep results in dead pinto beans.

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