Sunday, June 7, 2009

Stuck in the Mud!

Above: Seeds are planted in the ground. Sometimes tractors are too.
Jim got stuck on Flaten's, otherwise known as AdFarm's pinto bean field.

Above: A close up view of the front tire. When a farmer has spinning tires, and is not moving ahead, he's stuck.

Above: The dual back tires are in the mire.
Nothing like a little mud!

Above: Jim checks out his situation from the cab of the Case IH 8950. He is pulling the Wilrich Air Drill, trying to finish fertilizing the wet areas of the field he left. Apparently things are still wet by the shelter belt.

Above: Grandpa and the Case IH 9170 to the rescue. Jim is retrieving the heavy chain carried on the 9170.

Above: Pulling a stuck tractor requires caution. The chain has to be secured properly at both ends and slowly tightened to prevent breaking the chain. Both drivers work in tandem until the tractor is freed.

Above: And he's out!

Above: Deep ruts are left behind the drill. When things dry out, we will repair the ground.

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