Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sometimes the Work Stops

No, we don't do field work all the time. Some events cause us to take off our work boots and leave the farm. The latest occasion: our cousin Scott's wedding in his bride's hometown.

Above: To quote Scott, "there is more that goes into a wedding than we ever imagined." The couple had much help from family and friends throughout the process. My Mom, a talented artist and seamstress, made table runners, over 400 chair covers, and potpourri bags out of wheat from Scott's fields and dried rose petals. She is amazing.

Above: My assistance was minimal compared to Mom's. I made a movie from old photos, and the collage pictured above. It covered a bulletin board in the front foyer of the reception hall.

The following photos are snapshots of the weekend.

Above: Family and friends are scattered in the pews before the rehearsal begins. You may be able to find Farmer Fred if you look closely.

Above: Cousin Scott, a former AdFarm employee, with his new bride Elizabeth. Scott now manages a neighboring farm.

Above: Rob played background music at the reception dinner.

Above: A flash in the dark captures the happy couple in their first dance.

Above: An old quartet with an new look.

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