Sunday, June 7, 2009

Planting AdFarm's Pinto Beans

Above: The treated Pinto Beans are poured into a truck so we can add inoculant and additional seed treatments.

Above: We climb into the truck to sprinkle inoculant, a live fungus that will help the growing pinto bean plant fix nitrogen from the air.

Above: Water is mixed into another seed treatment, Quickroots. The product allows the plant to take in phosphorus from the soil, creating stronger and larger root systems.

Above: The mixed liquid seed treatment is poured into the yellow tank. The stopwatch is for timing the application rate of Quickroots. In the background you can see where the beans from the truck are unloaded into the auger.

Above: As the pinto beans are poured, they are sprayed with Quickroots. Note the custom endgate attachment designed to precisely control the flow of pinto beans into the auger.

Above: From one truck into another. Note the auger folded and attached to the back of the smaller seed tender truck.

Above: A beautiful morning for planting. The Case IH 8930 pulls our Case IH 1200 planter, a 16 row planter.

Above: More seed is needed in the planter. The old blue truck would not start after it had been filled with seed, so we towed it to the field, the easy part of the job.

Above: The seed beans are loaded into the planter manually by Bill and Joe, one bucket at a time. The auger has been removed from the back of the truck. It doesn't work if the truck doesn't run.


  1. Great work on this Kirsti! I'm looking forward to your updates on the AdFarm pinto beans.

  2. AdFarmers! Leave comments please. Great updates and pictures Kirsti.