Monday, June 15, 2009

The End of Planting

We are done with our spring planting!

Above: A view of the last piece of ground we seeded. Fred is making his opening round behind the dust cloud on the far right of the image. The unseeded area is a sizable low spot in the middle of a barley field. It was too wet to seed when the field was planted on May 14.

Above: Fred pulls the Wilrich Air Drill with the Case IH 8950 to seed the spring wheat. If you enlarge the image, it is easier to see pinto beans left in the field from last fall. The low spot was too wet to harvest.

Above: A golden kernal of spring wheat rests on the ground. When Fred begins planting, the seeder's air system begins blowing before the shovels are in the ground, leaving some seeds on top instead of underground.
One tiny seed -- what farming is all about. Our business is properly managing every little kernal, millions of times over.

Above: We planted as many of the low spots as possible with spring wheat seed and fertilizer. Many farmers in our area are doing the same thing. Planting these spots is healthier for the soil and helps prevent future problems.

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