Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our Workhorse: The Concord Air Till Drill

Above: The Concord Air Till Drill is our primary planting tool. It employs a unique ribbon seeding technique. Instead of planting a narrow row of seed, the Concord Drill plants a 6" wide "ribbon" of seed, resulting in better spacing for healthier plants. It uses 60% of the soil surface, compared to about 15% with standard seeding. Ten inch spacing between the shanks means more ground is accessible to the seed, and the seed bed is left relatively level.

Above: The Case IH 9280 with triple tires pulls our Concord Air Till Drill.
The seed and fertilizer tank (air system) we pull behind the drill holds 300 bushels.
Because of the 6" seed ribbon, we can safely apply fertilizer with the seed and not have seed damage.
Above: With the wet conditions of the spring, we have run our Salford RTS colter machine first to airerate the ground and help dry out the seed bed.
Concord Air Till Drill works well in no till, minimum till or conventional till situations. In these photos we are seeding barley into soybean ground. The 11" low disturbance sweeps on the drill help kill weeds as we seed.

Note the tractor turning at the end of the field. The 9280 is facing the opposite direction as the air system. The tractor, drill and air system in total are approximately 90 feet long.

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