Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Changing Over the Drill

Above: Bill and Joe have been readying the Wil-Rich drill for barley, after finishing canola. Each time we finish planting a crop, the machines are cleaned, maintained, and repaired if needed.

Above: Both men are hard at work. Bill is below, working on a tire. Joe is bent over the seed bin, cleaning the canola out. In case you are curious about the warm clothes they are wearing, yes this photo was taken in mid-May. A 30 degree morning requires layers!

Above: It takes a broom and diligence to clean the small canola seeds from the drill's hopper

Above: With the cover of the seed tank open, Joe sweeps the canola out the opened bottom.

Above: Bill is tightening the lug nuts on the drill's tires.
Note the fold-down ladder on the drill. Easy to access when needed.

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