Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Canola Seeding

Above: In these photos, taken May 11, Fred is using the Case IH 8950 tractor to pull the Wil-Rich air drill. He is seeding canola, a cool season broad leaf. We like canola as a rotational crop. It provides excellent weed control because it is Liberty Link, tolerant to the broad spectrum herbicide Liberty. We seeded our last field of canola May 18.

Above: The Wil-Rich Q 160 Air Drill is our second drill. Our primary drill is our Concord 4010. We are using the Wil-Rich to seed canola while the Concord is seeding barley. The spring is late, and canola is usually planted by early May. Two drills have kept the seeding rolling, now that the ground is dry enough to work.

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